Commercial Insurance

When it comes to a business or a profession, leave nothing to chance.

Your focus should be completely geared towards the growth and success of your property, your business, or your profession. Having concerns about risks and liabilities only act as a distraction from your goals. With a plan created for you by Mints Insurance Agency, your main focus will only be progressing your profession, property, or business.

General Liability

Commercial liability coverage is an essential requirement of any business insurance plan. In short, commercial general liability provides protection for businesses from allegations or lawsuits alleging negligence resulting in bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising liability. However, not all commercial general liability policies are the same.

Mints Insurance Agency has the necessary experience and expertise to tailor policies specifically to the needs of your small or large business. We can help connect you with the right coverage plan through our multiple insurance carriers, ensuring your business is protected.

Commercial Property

Covering a business building, inventory, contents and business interruption exposures should all be essential parts of your commercial property insurance and indeed a business insurance package.

No matter how large or small a building- from 1,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet and beyond, Mints Insurance can create a commercial property insurance package that best suits the individual needs of your building and contents. From frame construction in the country to fire resistant warehouses in the city, Mints has the expertise to suit your needs.

Commercial Auto

Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of a hundred vehicles, Mints Insurance Agency can effectively tackle your business auto insurance needs. It is important that businesses, employees and vehicles are adequately and properly insured to cover physical damage, bodily injury, property damage, or other losses in an efficient and helpful manner.


Contractors Liability Insurance is actually a form of Commercial General Liability (CGL)insurance tailored for the construction contractors market. CGL provides insurance for your company in the event you cause property damage and/or bodily injury to a third party. It is necessary to match yours coverage needs with your work risk exposure. Mints Insurance can help you with this.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is a specialized type of policy that protects a company or individual from claims or allegations arising out of the negligent rendering or failing to render specific professional services. It is critical to be aware that standard General Liability policies specifically exclude professional liability claims, so if your business provides consulting, advisory or professional services to your clients or patients, the right professional liability coverage in additional to General Liability is necessary.

Cyber Liability

Just about any organization that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk. And as technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats we face – which is why every business and organization needs to be prepared with cyber liability insurance. Cyber liability insurance cover can include:

  • Data breach/privacy crisis management cover. For example, expenses related to the management of an incident, the investigation, the remediation, data subject notification, call management, credit checking for data subjects, legal costs, court attendance and regulatory fines.
  • Multimedia/Media liability cover. Third-party damages covered can include specific defacement of website and intellectual property rights infringement.
  • Extortion liability cover. Typically, losses due to a threat of extortion, professional fees related to dealing with the extortion.
  • Network security liability. Third-party damages as a result of denial of access, costs related to data on third-party suppliers and costs related to the theft of data on third-party systems.

Worker’s Compensation

Practically every business, large or small, needs to have some type of workers compensation insurance. Employers purchase workers compensation coverage in order to provide for or meet an obligation to their employees under a state’s insurance statutes. Because every state has differing legislation governing the practical implementation of worker’s compensation coverage, it is essential that insurance agents are well educated and knowledgeable in a broad range of coverage requirements.

Mints Insurance has access to dozens of insurance carriers, enabling our agents to handle workers compensation insurance for the smallest business to the largest company. Workers Compensation plans differ by state, but are highly affected by particular nuances, making it essential for our agents to be on the forefront of market changes and insurance company appetites. With our expertise, Mints can help clients analyze their experience modification and other rating factors to ensure that you are paying the correct and most affordable premiums.

Mints Insurance is here to help you find a Commercial policy that is right for you, your employees, and most importantly, your business.

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