a plumber setting up white sewage pipes under a persons home

Service Line Coverage: Damage to Pipes & Wires in Your Home

Written By: Sandy Wilson, Personal Lines Account Executive

How often do you receive a letter in the mail from the gas company telling you that you own the line and are responsible for repairs in the event of a breakdown and that you need to be enrolled in their program?

Personally, I average one letter a month. Am I worried? No. I have the Service Line Coverage endorsement on my Homeowners policy.

I often see posts on Facebook where people have had damage to their sewer line due to tree roots or backup from the road.

They often are angry when they find out they could have had this covered under their Homeowners Insurance policy for about $3 per month. Instead, now they are paying thousands to have the problem repaired.

How Service Line Coverage Protects Your Home

Service line coverage protects you from damages that occur to your service lines running to and from your home.

Damage would include leaks, breakage, wear & tear, rupture and collapse. The types of lines covered include:

  • Water (Burst Pipes)
  • Waste Disposal & Sewage
  • Electrical Power Lines
  • Sewer & Drainage
  • Compressed Air
  • Communication (Cable & Internet)
  • Heating (HVAC)
  • Gas

Is the coverage worth it?

Absolutely! From a value standpoint, this is the most economical way to be sure you are covered for your underground wires and pipes instead of purchasing separate service warranties.

For a few dollars a month, you could have peace of mind. To learn more, contact Mints Insurance today.