fall leaves by person's feet

Change of Season Insurance Reminders

Written By: Bob Conner, Agency Principal

Insurance Tips for Fall

As much as most of us love summer… long sunny days, vacations, shorts and flip-flops… it’s time to flip the calendar. Here are some suggestions to keep your home and your family safe over the next few months.

Protect Home From Rodents

As we spend more and more time indoors, don’t forget that “varmints” also look for warmer digs as the days get shorter. Do a “walk around” your home looking for cracks or openings. Don’t forget to check your vents as they make an easy entry point. Finally, listen for noises in your walls or ceilings. Rodent damage isn’t covered by your homeowners insurance, and chewed wires can cause fire damage!

Clean Your Gutters

We all love cleaning our gutters… not! Before the Christmas lights go up, make sure your gutters are clean. With storms gaining in intensity, it doesn’t take much rain to overwhelm your system, resulting in wet basements.

Check Water Heater

Some of the nastiest claims are from rusted water heaters flooding the area. If yours is over 10 years old, consider replacing.

Change Lightbulbs or Add Outside Lighting

Outside lighting is a wonderful thing! Not only does it discourage sneaky thieves, good lighting makes it easier for guests (and your family) to avoid trips and falls.

Change Filters

The filter on your hot air HVAC system doesn’t last forever. Seasonal replacement keeps your home fresher and your system more efficient.

Cut Down Dead Tree Branches

Before the winter winds arrive, checking and removing dead tree branches protects your home and possibly prevents an argument with your neighbor.

Shut Off Outdoor Water

Outdoor faucets still full of water? Draining the system, shutting off the water, and disconnecting hoses all make it easier next spring.

Don’t Neglect Routine Maintenance

Fall may be my favorite season of the year. Cool nights, lower utility bills, and outdoor fires are three reasons I enjoy now through Christmas. Don’t let neglecting some routine maintenance items ruin the enjoyment.