Coach Todd and his son on the baseball field

Balancing The Scale of Life: Working And Coaching

Written By: Todd Buonadonna, Commercial Producer & Coach

Sometimes it’s so hard to find a balance in life. Especially when you have a young family while you are also trying to become successful in your career. We all realize that time goes by so fast and it is so hard to get the memories back once you miss them. I certainly was not perfect as a father, a husband, and a worker, but I certainly have tried to do my best of balancing all three.

Becoming A Coach

I found that becoming a coach allowed me to set up the schedule for both practices and for games. So my boys all played baseball, which was something I was very familiar with.

But even if you’re not an expert with a certain sport, there are so many helpful guides and programs on the Internet that help you set up practices and other strategies that it really becomes fool proof. But again, as long as I could make the schedules, it felt like I could control not only my work schedule but also help our family schedule become more efficient.

Networking Via Coaching

So for me, getting involved in sports with my kids not only kept me close with my family, but it also allowed me to get to know a whole new group of people that I ordinarily would not have met. And this not only helps socially, but it also helped promote my business.

People want to do business with someone that they know and trust, along with someone that volunteers and gives back to the community. So while the goal was never to get more clients because of coaching, being so involved with so many families certainly helps promote the name brand of your business.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. ~Jana Kingsford

Coaching Is A Rewarding Experience

Today I went to a construction site and as I was walking around I had three former players who I coached several years ago come up to me and give me a hug! Hearing them say “Coach Todd…I miss you so much” really let me know that not only did my time coaching allow me to bond with my kids, but it also allowed me to help create lasting relationships with a lot of players and families.

Watching all these kids grow up to be good people is certainly something that makes me proud every day.

Having A Healthy Work-Life Balance

I have to say that I am truly blessed to have a job and a career that allows me to have the time to make these memories. It means so much to have a flexible schedule where I can balance both my work life and my family life enough where I can be both successful and satisfied!

Everyone always tells you how quick the kids grow up and how fast time goes by. I think we all believed the people that told us that, but I don’t think our minds could have possibly wrapped around just how quickly it flies by!

Finding balance is certainly not easy, but it is absolutely worth it!